GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It's the core of Europe's digital privacy legislation. At its core, GDPR is a new set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. It aims to simplify the regulatory environment for business so both citizens and businesses in the European Union can fully benefit from the digital economy.

How Cpremote Support GDPR?

The Cpremote backup software compliance with GDPR. By enabling GDPR in Cpremote will disable the incremental backups , continuous data protection etc,. The users backups will be taken as compressed or archive backups locked with encryption keys. Every user backup will be locked with individual keys. If the key is lost form the user, then it is not possible to restore the backups.

For implemeting GDPR you may need to add the following

  • User Agreement - For users
  • Privacy Policy
  • Backup Destination Information

Encryption in GDPR

Cpremote use the GNU GPG encyption technlogy to encode backups. Each user will have idividual keys. During backup downlod or restore , it will be automatically decoded.