This is a unique feature of the cpremote software. You can backup your entire server’s Operating system into another local disk or over an ssh account. This option will sync everything . This will be helpful to restore your data at the time of a disaster. It is recommended to add a secondary HDD to store the OS backups. You may probably need double the size of your current disk usage in a storage pool.

Disaster management only support Local Storage Pools and SSH Pools.

You can configure Daily and Weekly Disaster backups.

Item Description Value
Disaster Management Enable or Disable the Disaster backups Enable or Disable
Backup Home Dir Choose whether you need to backup /home partitions Enable or Disable
Exclude Root Directories from sync You can exclude a particular folder under / . The folders like /proc , /sys, /run , etc will be automatically excluded. Comma separated folder name under / . No slashes.
Daily Backup Status Enable Daily disaster backups Enable or Disable
Daily Storage Pool Select the Daily storage pool Pool name
Weekly Backup Status Enable Weekly Disaster backups Enable or Disable
Weekly Storage Pool Select the weekly storage pool Pool name
Week Day to run the weekly backup Select the day of the week in which you need to take the backup Day names

All Disaster backups are incremental backup . This will help to increase the speed and update only modified files.